A Better Approach to Quilting

The art of making our beautiful Razaais also lies in traditional textile-making skills. The unique process makes it one of the best things to shop for when it comes to comfort. The process involves sewing three layers of fabric together to form a thick padded structure. This includes the top fabric, a backing material, and insulating or batting material inside. The outer fabric is washed and ironed before sewing and cutting as washing reduces the risk of the fabric's bleeding color later and ironing avoids wrinkles and creases.

Best Cotton Quilts to Buy

Razaaiwala brings the best collection of cotton quilts that rejuvenates the true essence of traditional textiles rooted in the spirit of India. There is a certain charm attached to the printed cotton quilts that can be often found being used in Indian homes for ages. Our Cotton Quilts are one of our finest products. These are made using 100% high-quality cotton. These are highly absorbable, soft, comfortable, lightweight, and breathable in nature. Explore our wide range of cotton quilts intricately crafted and made for you.


Jute Rugs specially curated for you

Exclusively handweaved jute rugs for you. The house of Razaaiwala brings you the best jute rugs with the most authentic design and patterns. Entirely handcrafted carpet rugs for living room made up of naturally cozy materials, the Jute Wool Rugs grounds any room with rich texture. Designed for resiliency in high-traffic areas and to refresh your space with sustainable fibres and earthy textures. Its authentic patterns are inspired by traditional Killim designs that adds to the rustic feel to your interiors. The airy and light weight, handmade variety of cotton quilts is beautiful addition to any bedroom with its graceful Eastern motifs.


Happy Clients

Get a warm night’s rest with the Razaaiwala quilts. It is soft and luxurious, making it suitable for the cooler seasons. 

Puneet Singh
Happy Customer

Excellent shop, with fast delivery and quality fabrics. Would definitely use it again and recommend it to friends.

Priya Sinha
Happy Customer

Thank you Razaaiwala for such amazing quilts. I have looked everywhere for a decent-quality quilt and now I have one. I love it. It's so perfectly warm and so light and fluffy 

Nisha Patel
Happy Customer

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