The Tale of Razaaiwala

Intricately sewed and handcrafted with love, Razaaiwala brings you comfort unlike anything else. The feeling is almost like sleeping under a cloud of soft organic cotton, transporting you to a wonderland of dreams.

The Razaaiwala quilts are not just any cotton-wool stuffed and covered in design they are instead a rich tradition passed down by generations of highly artistic people, whose story comes alive in every piece that is made.

Indian quilting traditions are perhaps the oldest and most sort after in the world, which sets us apart from other genres. In fact, traditions from other countries have their roots in Indian quilting. The early trade quilts, first made in India, were subsequently copied in Europe and other countries.

Razaaiwala is a perfect example of the impeccable craftsmanship and aesthetic value that characterizes this beautiful art form that is so cherished. Designing quilts for us is a unique combination of experience, traditional values and creativity. Each quilt at Razaaiwala is printed by the talented and skilled artisans of Jaipur, the pink city in Rajasthan, through the age-old process of screen printing.

The art of making our beautiful Razaais also lies in traditional textile-making skills. The unique process makes it one of the best things to shop when it comes to comfort. The process involves sewing three layers of fabric together to form a thick padded structure. This includes the top fabric, a backing material and insulating or batting material inside. The outer fabric is washed and ironed before sewing and cutting as washing reduces the risk of the fabric bleeding color later and ironing avoids wrinkles and creases.

This cotton fabric is then screen printed in vegetable dyes in pastel and bright colors, filling it with finely carded cotton evenly spread in the covering and stitched by hand. The borders are sewn by machine to make them last longer. Screen printing is the process of pressing ink through a stenciled mesh screen to create a printed design. The entire process is an ancient art having originated around AD 950 and today forming one of the most effective techniques for creating bold canvases, and artwork on our quilts.

The secret to the quality of our quilts is in the handcrafted sewing and carding of the natural cotton used in the interior of the quilt and the lightest of cotton fabric. Carding is an elaborate procedure that prepares the cotton to be used as a filling. The purpose is to remove excess knots from the cotton, which is actually the waste material. After carding, only soft and fine fibers remain behind. The cotton is then is distributed evenly across the quilt. This part is crucial for imparting warmth and the feeling of coziness to the handmade quilt. The lighter the quilt and the more evenly filled, the warmer and more comfortable the quilt is. At Razaaiwala’s we believe that there is no better feeling like the feeling after a good comfortable sleep, and this is what we create.