Our Distinctive and Handcrafted Rugs

        Our Distinctive and Handcrafted Rugs


“Whatever is the art form, you should be an expert in your art style..”.

These are not our words, but the perception of one of our skilled artisans hailing from a talented lineage of Jaipur. These humble and intelligent beings are the soul of the Razaaiwala family, where they not only weave threads but also weave stories too. Stories of their unparalleled talent with such subtleness. And talking about stories, remember times we all watched Aladdin drifting swiftly on his magic carpet with Jasmine, Abu, and how can we forget Genie. We all wanted that magic carpet, didn’t we? While growing up, we all visited handlooms, where we were completely mesmerized by how the rug weavers used such humongous layers of threads and knotted them with such precision. Indeed, they are the true magicians, and their illusive rugs are no less than magic. Our adroit artisans seek inspiration from nature and bring life to your floors. If you too want such warm, earthy, and natural tones for your homes, then visit our website and check out our entire collection of rugs. 

Our Four Distinctive Types of Handcrafted Rugs:

  • Cotton Printed Rugs
  • Wool Jute
  • Cotton woven
  • Cotton Schnell


Cotton Printed Carpets Rugs 

These rugs are curated with the use of cotton blend and all-natural fabric. The designs are elaborate and alluring at the same time, which enhances your floor, whether you choose these as Indoor or Outdoor rugs. These are crafted by skilled artisans, who have been blessed with this kind of craftsmanship for generations. 

The Crisp colors attract the eyes and, its soft homely texture gives warmth and comfort at the same time and is an apt choice of Rugs For The Living Room. These Rugs are Easy to Clean, and minimal shedding makes them long-lasting. All the materials used are of good quality, which makes our brand reliable, sustainable, and trustworthy in the handcrafted rugs industry. 


Wool Jute 

Wool Jute Rugs are entirely and uniquely Handcrafted with 100% natural and comfortable material. Intricate designs flowing throughout these Rugs are inspired by the Traditional Kilim Designs. 

The combination of colors infused with square figures and on the sides enhances the detailed crafting of our wool jute rugs. All Wool/Jute Rugs are made by trained and skilled artisans, who are gifted with such expertise from generations. These Handmade Rugs are primarily crafted for high-traffic areas and will enhance the look whether you choose these as Indoor or Outdoor rugs. The best part is Wool Jute Rugs are even Pet-Friendly and they have minimal shedding. 

Cotton woven 

We use only Premium Natural Cotton in our Cotton Woven Rugs. The fibers are soft and smooth in texture. These living room rugs are completely Handwoven by skilled artisans, whose expertise is directly reflected in the precision technique and picturesque geometrical artwork complimenting the are geometrical woven rugs. Easy to clean, giving your floor the homely touch are the specialties of Cotton Woven Rugs. These living Rugs are All-rounder and can easily uplift your indoor and outdoor look. All the materials used are of high-grade quality, which makes our brand reliable and sustainable. 


Cotton Schnell

Cotton Schnell Rugs are crafted with naturally harvested Cotton and Silk. These Rugs can easily blend with your living area and bedroom design. The pleasing Off-White and Beige shade complements its Silky Soft Textures and will take your home decor to the next level. 

All these Rugs are made by adroit artisans, who have mastered this art form for generations. Cotton Schnell Rugs are the essence of the Rugs family and can even be placed in front of your dresser to give it a cozy character. Settling dust is natural, vacuuming regularly or every now and then will help you lessen the issue. All the materials used are of top-notch quality, making our brand reliable, sustainable, and trustworthy in the Handcrafted Rugs industry. 



Well, these timeless masterpieces keep winning hearts every day with their intricate designs. While transporting you to an era of traditions and cultural lineage of art in its purest form. Their Hand-Woven techniques and expertise are directly reflected in the unmatchable precision and picturesque geometric artwork with the vibrant color scheme. Become a part of these gems, by giving yourself the traditionally handcrafted rugs. If you want the carpets for your living room, then do check out our entire collection by visiting our website



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