Best Jute Wool Rugs and Jute Carpets To Buy In India!

Home décor becomes a crucial element of the home decoration that you need to achieve that perfect look. Carpets and rugs can be considered as one of the most important parts of home décor items which bring in a lot of beauty and make your room gorgeous.

India is a colorful country and yet jute wool rugs have always been preferred as the choice of decoration in Indian homes. The richness bestowed by these wool jute rugs makes them a matchless choice when it comes to decorating your home.

Indian rugs are also either hand-knotted or made on the handlooms and are known for their durability as well as ornate design that makes them unique.

Wool jute rugs represent your passion for beautiful and unique home decor. They add room charm and gel to the walls. As you go for shopping jute rugs, you can explore a gamut of rug collections in different sizes, designs, shapes, and colors.

While a lot of people prefer to own beautiful and high-quality home furnishing items, not everyone has the budget for it. This is where cheap yet luxurious jute rugs come into the picture. These wool rugs allow you to give your room a new and fresh look at a very affordable price range.

What Are Jute Rugs? Why Jute Rugs Rock!

Rugs will be a great decor for your room. It spreads happiness makes your surroundings fresh, playful, and full of passion. Jute rugs are one of the strongest and most durable carpets manufactured from natural fibers which are totally environment friendly. Numerous people in India want to buy Jute rugs for commercial and domestic purposes. 

Jute rugs and carpets are among the most preferred home furnishings these days due to their durability and affordability. The jute rug is one of the oldest and most popular carpets still in vogue. Jute is a highly renewable resource and it is cultivated mainly for its tough fibers which are used for making fabrics for making various products including clothing, bags, curtains, shoes, etc. This year, choose to make the eco-friendly jute rug in the form of the jute wool rug.

Jute is a natural fiber, which is used to produce jute rugs and jute carpets with unique designs. These rugs are durable, light-weight, water-repellent, and resistant to mold and mildew. Jute rugs are offered in a range of colors, textures, and sizes.

What are Wool Jute Rugs and why you should consider Buying a Wool Jute Rug for your Home

Wool rugs and carpets are stylish, comfy, and low-maintenance. The natural fibers that are used in wool make them resistant to moisture and resistant to mold, thus making them a perfect piece of fiber for rugs. Wool is a natural insulator that works wonders when you need to regulate the temperature in your attics or basements. Wool jute rug linker makes sure you get beautiful jute wool rugs at the best prices for your home and office.

Wool jute rugs and jute wool carpets are hypoallergenic and have a beautiful, elegant look. Wool jute rugs and jute wool carpets are manufactured from the fibers of domestic sheep. The wool is spun, dyed, and crafted into beautiful wool rugs and wool carpets that can be used in any room of a home or office to create an appealing look.

Wool jute rugs and indoor-outdoor carpets are made from natural materials. Wool is the most popular material for carpets nowadays because it’s eco-friendly and has natural unique properties that make it durable and easy to clean. It’s stain-resistant, anti-static, and easy to maintain. That’s why it is a great choice for family rugs, jute wool rugs for kids’ bedrooms, wool carpets for dining rooms, or even entryways. There is a great selection of indoor-outdoor and rustic wool jute rugs available on the market nowadays. 

How Handmade Jute Rugs Add Touch to beauty:

India is a land of festivals and celebrations. The diversity of this country’s culture, traditions, and customs made the Indian people celebrate several festivals almost every month. It is not just about the festival but brings out your inner creativity. Thus stepping in to decorate your living space with your own hands itself emerges as a creative experience and that is where we can help you out!

Handmade jute rugs make great additions to your home, whether you’re using them as bedding, decor, or rugs. Carved out of the fibrous substance of jute stems, the handloom jute wool rugs are reputed for their durability and attractive designs. Woolen rugs woven from pure jute provide an ideal choice for decorating living rooms and bedrooms.

Add a jute rug to your room decor that complements your existing furniture and flooring. This natural fiber rug is available in varying sizes, colors, and patterns, so you can find one that perfectly complements the aesthetics of your living room, bedroom, dining room, or any other space. With its rustic pattern, this jute rug brings charming appeal to any space in your home. With all these benefits, it’s guaranteed that jute rugs and jute carpets are the best options for your household, whether indoors or outdoors. You can’t go wrong with it!

Here is a List of Best Jute Wool Rugs From India

If you are searching for jute carpet and woolen rugs in India then you are in right place! You can get good quality jute and woolen rugs which you want to buy online. The Razzaiwala collection of wool and jute carpets is extremely diverse, both in terms of usage as well as in the variety of designs they come in. 

Jute wool rugs and jute carpets are one of the best ways to give your space a natural, eco-friendly makeover. We love jute rugs for their ability to look like sisal and natural fiber rugs on a budget. We have a range of products which are:

#1: Rustic Killim Wool Jute Rug:

Wool jute rug rustic killim

The brilliantly designed Killim jute wool rugs are the epitome of vintage style design and modern fashion art. These jute carpets are made from high-quality wool and jute which makes them long-lasting and sturdy. You can add elegance to your home decor by using them. Their unique abstract print gives them a special vintage touch which makes them unique from all other rugs.

This collection of Jute Wool rugs and carpets is hand-woven in a traditional flat weave. The rug has a strong jute backing. This is a natural fiber rug, color shading is part of the beauty of the rug. Best suited for living rooms, bedrooms, or home offices and hallways. The patterns created by the weave look spectacular and add a sophisticated level of warmth and texture to any space.

#2: Multicolored Wool Jute Woven Rug:

Wool Jute Woven Rug

Wool Jute Rugs wool dyed in India. Our carpets are naturally colored and free of harmful dyes. We use only high-quality materials and natural ingredients to ensure their sustainability and safety.  Beautiful designs, quality craftsmanship make this rug a great value. This is a multi-colored hand-woven jute and wool rug offered in multiple sizes.

This jute rug sheet is rectangle in shape and is a rug that gives a royal and ethnic look to your living room. The material used to design this rug are wool and jute (woolen rug carpet). This rug is made in India and it has beautiful multiple colors that give texture to the floor. The carpet size is large enough to cover at least one-third of your living room’s area.  This jute rug/jute carpet will be durable as it is made of natural fibers. It is best suited for contemporary or ethnic-themed interiors.

#3: Rustic Brown Wool Jute Rug:

Rustic Brown Wool Jute Rug

Jute wool rugs have advantages over other rugs, they’re easy to clean and can be placed in high traffic areas. They are soil, stain, and odor resistant. Also, easily match your furniture, walls, and surrounding. The rustic brown color varies from a dark brown to mid-brown with light flecks and gives a warm inviting appearance in any room. Jute rugs are naturally long-lasting floor coverings.

Use our wool jute rugs as soft and sumptuous bases for traditional furniture. Made from Jute and Woolen in India, Rustic Brown Rug is the perfect blend of luxury and style. Made from natural fibers, these rugs are available in a beautiful rustic brown color that imparts both an exotic and simple look to your home decor. Created on traditional flat looms by artisans in north India, this rug features a contemporary design that will be sure to add a touch of elegance to any room.

#4: Blue Geometrical Cotton Printed Rug:

Blue Geometrical Cotton Printed Rug

Jute rugs with their blend of comfort, eco-friendly, durability, and affordability are a great choice for your home. They work well in living rooms or family rooms to help create a soft, comfortable base for your furniture arrangement. A jute rug adds warmth to hardwood and laminate floors. Jute is a vegetable fiber that is easily dyed in different colors to create a variety of designer patterns for your floor, works well in high traffic areas of your home.

This rug will complement your home decor. This pattern is inspired by the famous bandhani prints of India, Bandhani rugs feature simple geometric designs in two-tone coloring. Versatile and easy to incorporate, these rugs are perfectly at home in contemporary, transitional, and eclectic settings. Our hand-screened rug makes a real statement with its bold, graphic pattern in a neutral palette that’s perfect for laying down in any space. Jute rugs come in many different styles, from traditional to retro. No matter your preference, you’ll find a jute rug to fit your needs.

#5: Rustic Brown Geometrical Patterned Wool Jute Rug:

Best wool jute rug to buy

Our best-selling collection of Jute Wool Rugs is a versatile rug that goes with any style of decor. The Geometrical design has an all-over pattern in lovely neutral tones, perfect for any room or space. Jute Rugs is known for its sturdiness and durability.  Add rustic charm to your home with the Rustic Brown Geometrical Patterned Wool Jute Rug. The earthy tones and geometrical design work perfectly together to create a traditional rug that will add style, texture, and warmth to any space in your home.

If you are looking for a natural jute rug that is soft and wears well then this rustic brown geometric patterned hand-tufted Jute Wool rug with an extra thick cushion. The main shade highlights a center of the field design, symmetrically placed at the center. Coupled with a frame of interlinking borders that seem to weave in and out in circles, this design concocts a unique pattern. Woven materials can withstand indoor or outdoor use and do not fade easily or fray swiftly.

#6: Black And Light Brown Wool Jute Rug:

Black And Light Brown Wool Jute Rug

The black and light brown rug is made of jute wool. it is so versatile in its use that you can use it as a carpet or on the bed or even as a throw. Weave in a rich texture to your interiors with our Black White Wool Jute Rug. The combination of wool and jute gives this runner an incredibly durable and versatile construction, while the unique hand-woven braided pattern makes it a wonderful accent piece. Durable yet soft to the touch, this chic black and white rug add a sophisticated artisanal tone to any traditional or modern décor.

If you’re looking to revamp your space with a new rug, then this is here to help. These Jute rugs are the perfect addition to any home decor. They add beauty, color, and a sense of warmth wherever they go. They can be placed under a coffee table, living room furniture, or in the bedroom. All our rugs are hand-loomed by artisan weavers from around India. Modern rugs are designed to suit a variety of different decoration styles and furnishing fashions. It is strong, durable, and also comfortable underfoot. This rug can be used as a bedside rug, living room rug, meditation rug. 

Whenever you are buying Jute Rugs or Jute Carpets from India always remember:

As one can imagine, the best jute wool rug is a popular choice for almost every homeowner and businessperson looking to add some chunkiness, softness, and warmth to their décor. With such a wide range of colors and designs available, any living area or dining room would be much improved by the beautiful addition of a jute carpet – although they are also preferred by outdoorsy types who want something better than plastic decking to relax on while enjoying the sun. And that’s a wrap! Our list of the best jute wool rugs and jute carpets available for purchase in India is complete. We hope you found this helpful, and if not — what’s better than something that’s bought from genuine wool?

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